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Skil-Care: Heel Float

Product Description

Skil-Care’s Heel-Float off-loads the heel by suspending it over an air cavity. This eliminates pressure and prevents the formation of pressure ulcers and aids in the healing of existing sores. The Heel-Float includes a water-based gel pack that relieves pressure that relieves pressure beneath the ankle. The gel may be heated or cooled for hot/cold therapy.

Ski-Care’s Heel-Float features a new adaptable VelcroR strap that permits this device to be secured with one strap at the ankle and one at the instep, or with both straps at the ankle. The ankle/instep option should be used if your patient’s foot moves rearward in the Heel-Float or if the foot moves to the left or right inside the device.


  • Floats the heel over an air cavity for zero pressure
  • Provides air circulation to aid healing of existing ulcers
  • Water-based gel insert lowers pressure beneath ankle
  • Covered with a soft Cozy Cloth fabric that reduces skin shear and whisks away moisture
  • Anti-foot-drop construction controls dorsal flexion
  • Foam cushioned sides protect lateral and medial malleoli
  • Launderable once gel insert is removed
  • Straps adjust for multiple locations


 Sizes Small, Medium, Large
 Width 3", 4", 5"
      BT ID: 503034, 503035, 503036
      MFG PN: 503034, 503035, 503036
      HCPCS: E1399