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Quantum: Q6 Edge HD

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With features like standard 4-pole motors, Mid-Wheel 6® Drive Design and ATX Suspension, the Q6 Edge® HD is engineered to meet the performance needs of the most active user. The Q6 Edge HD accepts a complete range of seating and electronics options to deliver exceptional rehab capability at an excellent value.


      • Mid-Wheel 6® allows six wheels on the ground for maximum stability
      • Compatible with TRU-Balance® 3 HD Power Positioning Systems
      • Available with Q-Logic 2 Drive Control System, which offers Bluetooth access to computer, tablet and phone functions
      • 450 lbs. weight capacity
      • Low impact OMNI-Casters (nylon, spherical-shaped casters) on front and rear prevent wheel hang-ups
      • ATX Suspension (Active-Trac® with extra stability) incorporates front OMNI-Casters and semi-independent rear caster beam for enhanced performance over more varied terrain

                          Compatible Seating System


                          Model Q6 Edge HD
                          Drive Wheels 14" Pneumatic (Standard) | 14" Solid (Optional)
                          Caster Wheels Front: 6" Solid Rear: 6" Solid
                          Maximum Speed* Up to 4.7 mph
                          Ground Clearance 3" (frame center)
                          Turning Radius 19.75" without front riggings
                          Overall Length 35.6" without front riggings
                          Base Width 26.25"
                          Seat Size: Synergy/Static

                          TRU-B 2 HD Tilt: Width 20"-28" Depth 20"-28"

                          TRU-B 3 HD Tilt and Recline: Width 20"-32" Depth 20"-28"

                          Seat Size: Power Tilt

                          TRU-B 2 HD Tilt: Width 20"-28" Depth 20"-28"

                          TRU-B 3 HD Tilt and Recline: Width 20"-32" Depth 20"-25"

                          STFH: Synergy/Static

                          TRU-Balance 2 HD Tilt: 16.5" - 18.5" 

                          TRU-Balance 3 HD Tilt and Recline: 17.5" - 19.5"

                          STFH: Power Tilt

                          TRU-Balance 2 HD Tilt: 18.2" - 2.9" 

                          TRU-Balance 3 HD Tilt and Recline: 18.5" - 2.5"

                          Battery Size Group 24
                          Battery Weight 52 lbs.

                          75A Q-Logic 2 NE

                          75A Q-Logic 2 NE+

                          100A Q-Logic 2 EX

                          Charger 8A Off-board
                          Motor Packages 4-Pole
                          Weight Capacity 450 lbs.
                          Base Weight 143.5 lbs.
                          BT ID: Q6 EDGE HD
                          MFG PN: Q6 EDGE HD
                          HCPCS: Heavy Duty-K0850/K0851,
                          Single Power HD-K0858,
                          Multiple Power HD-K0862