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Mabis: Large Semi-Automatic Digital Arm BPM

Product Description

Mabis Semi-Automatic Digital Arm BPM has an easy-squeeze inflation bulb makes using this digital blood pressure monitor easy-to-use for any home user.


            • Large adult cuff
            • WHO Indicator provides an instant comparison to standards set by the World Health Organization
            • Irregular Heartbeat Detection lets the user know if an abnormal reading has occurred
            • 60-reading memory bank
            • Date and time stamp
            • Large LCD display shows reading progress and displays systolic, diastolic and pulse results simultaneously


              Color Dark Blue
              Cuff Size 16.50” - 18.85”
              Power Source 4 AA Batteries and AC Adapter
              Warranty N/A
              BT ID: 04-391-006
              MFG PN: 04-391-006
              HCPCS: A4670