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DeVilbiss: iFill Personal Oxygen Station

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Product Description

The DeVilbiss iFill Personal Oxygen Station represents the latest in portable oxygen convenience, providing unmatched flexibility and ease of use. The iFill unit extracts purified oxygen from room air using oxygen concentrator technology and pressurizes it to fill oxygen cylinders. Cylinders are safely, quickly and conveniently filled in your home. The iFill can be placed and used virtually anywhere in the home, minimizing the noise and disruption to daily life. 

iFill provides the flexibility to fill most cylinder sizes including M4, M6, ML6, C, D and E, using the PulseDose Oxygen Conserving Device interface or Regulator interface. iFill cylinders are also available with a standard 870 Post Valve in sizes M4, M6, ML6, C and D for use with any conserving device or regulator. (Note: iFill must be used with an iFill Cylinder.)

 iFill lets users fill their cylinders in just a little over an hour – not the two hours it can take with other in-home oxygen filling units. Shorter fill times save energy costs. Partially filled cylinders can be easily topped off. And the iFill will automatically shut off when filling is complete.


  • Intuitive Design -the iFill can be used in conjunction with any concentrator.
  •  Variety of iFill Cylinders including M4, M6, ML6, C, D, and E
  • Competitive Performance
  • Control panel light signals when cylinder is filling and when it’s full.
  • Ergonomic design with easy-roll casters make iFill easy to move and store when not in use.


Product Weight 66 lbs
Product Dimensions 28.5” H x 12.25” W x 22.5” D 
Oxygen Purity 93% +/- 3% 
Sound Level 50 dBA 
Filling Time 75 Minutes (M6 Cylinder) 
Electrical Requirements 115V, 60 Hz, 4.1 Amps 
Power Consumption 400 Watts Avg. 
Cylinder Top Off Yes 
Warranty 3 years or 8000 hours –whichever comes first

Product Description

BT ID: Special Order Item
MFG PN: 535D
HCPCS: K0738