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Best Bath: Escape Plus Walk-In Tub

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Product Description

The Escape Plus has a larger door and deeper bowl than the Escape walk-in tub. It also features our unique uni-body construction – one seamless composite fiberglass bowl with a luxurious gelcoat surface. The apron, tub deck and bowl are seamless, producing maximum structural integrity.The patented movable hinged seat is a feature that combines a recessed stepping area with a hinged seat plate creating an alcove to promote a comfortable (and much safer) ingress and egress to the tub. All Best Bath walk-in tubs offer a limited lifetime warranty. Pre-installed plumbing with quick connect lines for professional installation. The elegant, user friendly patented door latch is constructed of stainless steel and brass components, no plastic. If adjustment should ever be necessary, it is easily made with this designer lever. Jetted models feature the quietest whirlpool pump available, the new Syllent Pump. This pump is designed with a heat recycling feature to maintain water temperature and eliminate the need for an expensive in-line heater and additional wiring. This pump has a 10-year factory warranty. Stainless steel cable operated tub drain mechanism with a lever handle for easy operation.


  • NEW heated seat with keypad control
  • Designed to fit in the space of your current bathtub
  • Swing up seat for easy entry
  • Seat height is designed for ease of sitting and standing
  • Extra deep for a full body soak
  • Innovative patented door handle designed for easy operation
  • Reliable door seal that comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Allows you the freedom to rehabilitate at home
  • Space under tub allows for “reverse” plumbing
  • Optional Syllent brand jet pump: a revolutionary, ultra quiet design that helps maintain water temperature without an external  heater, limiting the power requirements to just 15 Amps/110 Volt
  • Optional (heated) Airjet system (15 Amps/110 Volt)


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