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Norco: Sponges (Contoured, Round, Scrub)

Product Description

Three different models of sponge ideal for assisting the elderly or person with limited mobility or reach in everyday bathing.

The Contoured and Round sponges are made of soft foam and are gentle on weak or delicate skin surfaces.

The Scrub sponge offers the same soft foam sponge with the addition of  a loofah-style surface on one side of the sponge for better scrub.


  • Available with two handle lengths.
  • Three unique sponge styles to choose from.


Round and Scrub Dimensions 5" diameter 
Contoured Dimensions 5" Length
Handle Length 22" or 14" lengths available
BT ID: NC286(45/44)
MFG PN: NC286(45/44/50)
HCPCS: E1399