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Your powered scooter or wheelchair is there to help you get out and about. Don’t be limited by an inability to get your POV (Power Operated Vehicle) to the park, the mall or anywhere you’ve dreamed of going. Our collections of Vehicle Lifts are designed to make it easy for you to take your POV with you wherever you go. These lifts can be installed on a vast range of vehicles. You can use Pride Mobility’s Compatibility Tool to find the appropriate model for your vehicle here (Compatibility Tool). If you need help installing a Vehicle Lift we are happy to connect you to a Bellevue Healthcare Certified Contractor where available.

  • Bellevue Healthcare uses authorized and licensed professional contractors, who we are proud to work with, and can confidently say share our commitment to customer service. 

  • We are currently able to source contractors in King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties. If you are located outside of this area, please contact us as we will do our best to get you the equipment and service you require. 

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